Health holidays with Premium-Hosts

Rheumatic complaints, burn out, high blood pressure, the desire to healthily loose weight, migraine, menopausal symptoms, overweight, diabetes, hyperacidity of the body...

All of the above are good reasons for an Original Oberstaufen Schroth Cure. Activate your body's self-healing powers and prevent illness with the holistic naturopathic treatment by Johann Schroth. As your hosts and competent partner we happily support you in your Schroth Cure- and health holidays in Oberstaufen.

The Schroth Cure cleanses and detoxifies the body in a short period of time. By combining the Schroth diet, the Schroth Cure Packs, the Schroth Cure regulated fluid intake and alternating between rest and exercise (The 4 Pillars of the Schroth Cure) the body purges and weight loss is stimulated. Your holiday is assisted and supervised by an accredited Cure Doctor. Invest 2 to 3 weeks discipline to feel rejuvenated and full of energy!
By the way, the Schroth Cure is, apart from honey, purely vegan. Thus, we warmly recommend this natural cure to our vegan guests.

How the Schroth Cure works

Take some time for yourself, listen to your body. Purge and detoxify while feeling comfortably sheltered in our affectionate atmosphere during your Schroth Cure and health holiday at the Hotel DIANA.

When should the arrival take place?
It is recommended to arrive on the weekend. The cure starts on the date of arrival with the introduction to the cure procedures and the dinner at 6pm.

What about the medical examination by the Schroth Cure Doctor?
By Schroth Cure standards a medical examination is required at the start of the cure. You have the free choice of doctor, our partner doctors are Dr. Wirrwitz-Bingger. They will carry out the initial examination at the local medial practice. You will discuss all health and medical related concerns with your Schroth Cure doctor. You will settle the Invoicing of the medical examinations directly with your doctor. After the initial examination you receive your prescription for the Cure . It acts as a guideline for the health holiday. Our packers and we as your Premium-Hosts follow your cure prescription, in order to guarantee the optimal treatment success.

When does the first Schroth Cure Pack take place?
The first Schroth Cure Pack happens on the first day after your initial medical examination. You will be woken up in the early hours of the morning about 4am by a qualified Schroth Cure therapist who will wrap you. On Sundays no Schroth Cure packing takes place. You will settle the invoicing directly with your Schroth Cure Packer.

The four pillars of the Schroth Cure

1. The Schroth Diet

The Schroth diet is the core of the Schroth Cure. It is based on the principle of a fasting cure, which is thousands of years old. The Schroth Diet stands out due to a low irritability, being rich in alkaline based vegetables, being free from animal protein and fat and being almost salt-free. By the application of these principles the gastro-internal tract is relieved, while an adequate vitamin and mineral intake is ensured. The Schroth Cure is furthermore perfectly suitable for diabetic patients.

 2. The Schroth Cure Packs

Every day except Sunday you will be woken up and in the early hours of the morning by a qualified Schroth Cure therapist, called the "Packer", who will then apply you Schroth Cure Packs. The pack stimulates the metabolism, is soothing and anticonvulsant, boosts the body's own defenses, calms the inner organs and strengthens the skin. Metabolic residues and toxins are flushed out and the body detoxifies.

3. The Schhroth Cure regulated fluid intake

The rhythmic change in the quantity of fluids is individually prescribed by the Schroth Cure doctor. This supports the natural tissue drainage which in turn stimulates the body's self-healing powers. On dry days a slight suction occurs in the interstitial tissue due to having slightly thicker blood. The thereby eluted toxins are then flushed out of the body during drinking days.

Yoga urlaub im Allgäu im 4* Hotel

4. Alternating between rest and exercise

In combination with the rhythmic change of fluid intake, the alternation of rest and exercise contributes to a successful cure. On the resting days relaxing massages, easy strolls or reading a good book help in reducing stress and focus ones concentration on the own body. On the drinking days the metabolism is stimulated through physical activities, which also guarantee additional catabolism of fat.

Successful Schroth Cure and Fasting Holidays

Services included in your Schroth Cure holiday for weight loss at the 4* DIANA Nature Park Hotel:
• Accommodation in alpine design
• Morning tea before the Schroth Cure Pack
• Original Schroth diet, lunch and dinner, also adapted for diabetic patients
• Convalescent food (depending on length of stay)
• On Sundays Schroth breakfast with a glass of tea und 1 slice of Schroth bread
• Schroth rusks from the buffet all day
• Tea from the buffet, mineral water and energized water all day
• 1 glass of freshly squeezed orange juice on dry days
• Common meal times and tables for our Schroth Cure guests
• Use of our indoor pool with energized water, waterfall and hot Jacuzzi
• Participation in sports program with guided hikes in the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park, water gymnastics, nordic walking
• Schroth Packing supplies
• Free additional service: Oberstaufen PLUS GOLF-Guest card

The Cure starts on the date of arrival with the dinner at 6pm. If not otherwise requested, on the date of arrival we arrange a doctor's appointment with Cure doctor Dr. Wirrwitz-Bingger to conduct the initial medical examination at her doctor's office. On the day of the departure the cure ends with the convalescent breakfast. Please note that services that you do not make use of can not be refunded.