Regionality: delightful and conscious

Based on our close ties to our home region we attach great importance to premium products sourced from our surrounding area and consolidate the collaboration with local producers and suppliers. The benefits: guaranteed freshness, consistent commitment to quality, environmental consciousness and seasonal offers.

Sustainable nutrition, with a clear conscience is the focus. With this prerequisite all dishes are served with the best taste, in everything there is a bite of home. Prepared freshly and lovingly presented. Various herbs from the hotels own herb garden make for aromatic flavors. Delightful, conscious and regional food that pleases the eye and flatters the tongue.

Our homely „Allgäuer lounges" ornamented with exclusive wood carvings and lovingly decorated, invite to lingerin a particular personal atmosphere"

Venison is sourced from hunt from Oberstaufen.

We are happy to accommodate personal dietary needs (gluten and lactose free, vegetarian or diabetic diet). Please advise us on personal dietary needs when placing a reservation.

Breakfast kick starts the day!

Take your time to start you day off right with a healthy and fresh breakfast .

From 8am to 10:30am you can indulge in our sumptuous breakfast buffet, with high quality, regional products.

  • Hearty Allgäu sausage specialities
  • Aromatic hay-milk cheese on the board byRutzhofen alpine dairy
  • Fresh egg dishes
  • Homemade jams from the Faller jam manufactory
  • Vitamin-rich muesli and fruit assortment with various cereals
  • Tomato-Mozzarella salad, cucumbers and olives
  • Smoked salmon with horseradish
  • Honey from the Allgäu
  • Regional milk and yoghurt varieties (lactose free as required)
  • Aromatic breads and crispy bread rolls and pastries (gluten free as required)
  • Juices from Lake Constance
  • Butter from the Allgäu and cream cheese
  • Wide variety of teas
  • Diverse coffee specialties from Hensler
  • Hot chocolate
  • Gluten- and lactose free products available - please inform us in advance

Every Saturday morning we happily serve Bavarian delicacies with fresh Bavarian veal sausages, sweet mustard and pretzels.

In the evening our restaurant serves a small and exquisite a la carte menu compromising specialties from the Allgäu and warm dishes. In the summer we happily serve you on our inviting garden terrace.